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Annual News Updates for 2003 December:
Buhl Planetarium and Carnegie Library

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh - 2003 December 22:
Obituary: George Mechlin / Manager of research and development at Westinghouse
By Joyce Gannon
Former member of Buhl Planetarium Board of Directors

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh - 2003 November 2:
Asides: 11/2/03
ON THE SUBJECT of things Carnegie [second paragraph]

Announcement that new Carnegie Science Center Director begins work November 3, with comment about original Buhl Planetarium.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh - 2003 October 31:
Stage Preview Prime Stage fills some 'Holes'
By Christopher Rawson, Post-Gazette Drama Editor
Regarding installation of theater seats, from the Buhl Planetarium's Theater of the Stars, into Prime Stage's new 75-seat theater space at 937 Liberty Ave on the first floor of what was recently the Associated Artists building [built in 1910 as the Deluxe Arcade].

From SFSU Magazine, San Francisco State University, San Francisco - Fall/Winter 2003
She Has Star Power
Planet Hunter Returns to Campus

By Jennifer Roolf
Article on Astronomer Debra Fischer, part of the the California and Carnegie Planet Search Project, partially funded by the Carnegie Institution of Washington. The article author is a former volunteer, in the mid-1980s, at Pittsburgh's Buhl Science Center [1980s "modernized" name for The Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science] who is now [2005 January] taking an Astronomy class taught by Debra Fischer.

From Pittsburgh Pulp, 2003 February 13:
In Short News Brief: Saving the Zeiss By Geoff Kelly
Regarding letter to Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, from Friends of the Zeiss, asking that $8 million State capital grant, for Pittsburgh Children's Museum expansion project, be contingent on four conditions, to allow for future reinstallation of historic Buhl Planetarium equipment and artifacts. It was also suggested that readers, who support the aims of this letter, could send a brief letter of support to the Governor by going to a special Internet web page:

< >.

Authored By Glenn A. Walsh
Sponsored By Friends of the Zeiss

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