SAFE WAY TO VIEW ECLIPSE CAPTION FOR SOLAR PINHOLE BOX GRAPHIC(ENCLOSED): To safely view a Solar Eclipse, prepare a box as shown, with a pinhole (perhaps in aluminum foil covering a larger hole in the box) at one end and a white sheet of paper at the other end, inside. Standing, with your back to the Sun and your head inside the box, allow the Sun's light to shine through the pinhole and observe a small image of the solar eclipse on the white sheet of paper. NEVER look through the pinhole at the Sun; this could cause MAJOR EYE DAMAGE and POSSIBLE BLINDNESS ! (Graphics by Eric G. Canali) NEVER look at the Sun, or a Solar Eclipse, with your unaided eye; this could cause MAJOR EYE DAMAGE and POSSIBLE BLINDNESS ! Blindness can occur rapidly, without any pain, since there are no nerves in the retina of the eyes. And, NO filtering device, sunglasses, photographic film or negatives, or darkened glass or plastic is safe for looking at the Sun, unless it is SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR SOLAR ECLIPSE OBSERVING ! NEVER look through a telescope or binoculars at the Sun or a Solar Eclipse; this would cause PERMANENT BLINDNESS INSTANTLY ! For further questions about safely viewing a Solar Eclipse, telephone the Henry Buhl, Jr. Planetarium and Observatory at The Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh: (412) 237-3397. 300 Beechwood Avenue Carnegie, Pennsylvania 15106-2699 Telephone: (412) 276-3456 Electronic Mail: Internet Site: