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For immediate release: 2004 October 25

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Pittsburgh, Oct. 25 - Despite the problems of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, the April 2005-closing of the City Museum of Washington, D.C.,
the downsizing of the Columbus, Ohio Center of Science and Industry (COSI) including the indefinite mothballing of their new Digistar II Planetarium, as well as
$2.4 million Children's Museum operating deficits over the last five years, the Children Museum of Pittsburgh continues planning for a near-doubling of attendance,
when their expanded museum opens November 6. According to Friends of the Zeiss Project Director Glenn A. Walsh, the same wishful thinking, that led to
bloated attendance projections for the one-year old City Museum of Washington, D.C., is also part of the business plan for the Children's
Museum of Pittsburgh.
In addition to questionable attendance projections, Mr. Walsh told the Allegheny Regional Asset District Board, at their annual public hearing on Monday evening,
that the projections of rental fee income from non-profit tenants seem too high. "Ultimately, the Children's Museum will have to settle for less income from
most of these non-profits," Mr. Walsh said.
Mr. Walsh argued that the Children's Museum should seek more earned income from marketing their restaurant to Allegheny Center office workers, and by
expanding their mission statement to appeal to adults with the return of the historic Buhl Planetarium equipment and artifacts to the Buhl Planetarium building.
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From The Washington Post, Washington, DC - 2004 October 9:
City Museum to Close Its Galleries
Troubled Venue Will Continue to Rent Space for Events

By Jacqueline Trescott
Housed in former Carnegie Library building, which had served as the Main Branch of the
Washington Public Library System, City Museum of Washington plans to close exhibit
galleries to general public due to financial problems, after two years of operation.

Glenn A. Walsh
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