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2004 November 30


Bob O’Connor, Governor’s Representative in Western Pennsylvania

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh State Office Building

300 Liberty Avenue

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222-1210


Re: State Grant to be used to eliminate Buhl Planetarium Observatory


Dear Bob:


Enclosed is a letter I have sent to Governor Rendell, regarding the possible complete elimination of the original Buhl Planetarium Astronomical Observatory.


You have seen the Buhl Planetarium Observatory and understand the issue.  We are only asking that the Observatory remain in such a condition as to allow the inexpensive return of the telescope at a future date.


A future Children’s Museum management may wish to reinstall the telescope for use. Or, if the Children’s Museum moves into a different building decades from now, there may be an interest in reinstalling the 10-inch Siderostat-type Refractor Telescope in the building.


For the foreseeable future, use of this telescope at The Carnegie Science Center is not an option. And, due to the special infrastructure needs of a Siderostat-type Telescope, construction of a new facility to house this telescope may cost more money than anyone will want to pay. So, it may continue to languish, dismantled, in the Science Center warehouse indefinitely, perhaps forever!


On the second floor of The Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science is a beautiful wood-paneled Library and Board Room built in 1939 and completely funded by the Buhl Foundation. The Children’s Museum could use this Board Room, and even expand its size if necessary.


Please consider this matter and explain the situation to the Governor. I would be available to discuss the issue with you further, at your convenience.


Sincerely yours,





Glenn A. Walsh

Project Director




Enclosure:             2004 November 30 Letter to Governor Edward G. Rendell