Speaking at an AAAP meeting?

Saturday, June 12, 2010 2:47 PM


To: gawalsh@planetarium.cc


Hello there Mr. Walsh!

My name is Craig Lang and I am the Vice President of the Amateur
Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh.  We are one of the oldest and
largest astronomy clubs in the U.S. (or anywhere). We have two two
observatories, Wagman Observatory and Mingo Creek Park Observatory,
and are currently 390 plus members of all different
levels of activity in astronomy. More details on our organization can
be found at www.3ap.org

I discovered your website in a search on the old Zeiss projector at
the Buhl.  After reviewing your website there and your credentials I
thought I might ask if you would be interested in speaking at one of
our organization's monthly meetings. Your work on the
saving/restoration of the Zeiss is something that we would love to
have you present to our group.

The monthly meetings fall on the second Friday of the month for
September through May and are held at the Carnegie Science Center in
downtown Pittsburgh PA.  We offer our kind speakers an honorarium of
$150 and would help plan any travel details.

If your schedule/duties do not allow you the ability do such
presentations, we would be greatful if you are aware of others that
might be interested and would not mind referring us.  We're always
looking to hear about anything new relating, or even remotely
relating, to astronomy.

Thanks so much for your time and feel free to contact me via email or
any of the methods listed below in my signature.

Take care and keep looking up....

Craig Lang, Vice President
Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh
email: vicepresident@3ap.org