From: "W. Gondella" <>


Subject: Buhl Letter of Support

Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 11:36:30 -0400

Dear Friends of the Zeiss,

Thank you for your efforts to form an organization dedicated to the preservation of the historic and irreplaceable artifacts in the Old Buhl Planetarium, namely the Zeiss II Planetarium Projector, the last working model of its kind, and the Siderostat 10" Refractor, also, the only one of its type and scale available to the public, among the other items remaining in the building.

The preservation and conservation of these items for educational use at their present location, particularly the Zeiss II, should be of the utmost importance to the City and its residents. As an Associate Engineer in Electronics, with a background in telecommunication research and development, a Graphoanalyst and Document Examiner, and also the South Hills Coordinator for the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh, it is my personal wish to offer my fullest support to The Friends of the Zeiss, and their efforts to conserve these items, and I thank you for whatever actions you can take to bring this about.


Wayne E. Gondella

AFA Engineering Company

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania