Department of General Services
Tom Murphy
Dale A. Perrett


December 6, 2002
Mr. Glenn A. Walsh, Project Director
Friends of the Zeiss
P.O. Box 1041
Pittsburgh, PA 15230-1041

Re: Request for documents related to lease of Zeiss Star Projector, Siderostat Projector, and Map

Dear Mr. Walsh:

Your request for a copy of the signed and legally in-force Lease contract has already been fulfilled via the Memorandum of Understanding's attached to my letter dated November 16, 2002.

Also, be advised that the City of Pittsburgh was not a part of the funding source as your letter suggests. The Carnegie Science Center has a history of securing the funds necessary for the exhibit and utilization of equipment and artifacts.

Due to a clerical error, I apologize if a copy of the award letter was omitted as an attachment to my letter dated November 16, 2002. A copy is attached per your request.

Your efforts and participation in this process is appreciated. The information provided herein should satisfy all of the requests for information outlined in your letter dated November 18, 2002.


Chester J. Malesky


Cc: Jacqueline R. Morrow, City Solicitor(w/o enclosures)
Yvonne Schlosberg, Esquire (w/enclosures)
Dale A. Perrett, Director (w/enclosures)

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