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Buhl Planetarium, July 13


Fri, 1 Jul 2005 09:39:17 -0400


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I have prepared this statement, which Cathy McCollom will read to

City Council:


The building that originally housed the Buhl Planetarium and††

Institute of Popular Science is not only a major††

component of a functioning cultural institution. It is, as well,

one of Pittsburgh's handsomest buildings----a serenely

beautiful work in the Stripped Classical mode of the 1930s.


It is arguably the masterpiece of its architects, Ingham & Boyd,

though they have to their credit Chatham Village, the 1912

building of the Historical Society, the Pittsburgh Board of

Education building, a multitude of schools in Pittsburgh and

Mount Lebanon, and houses in the Sewickley area. The beauty

of the Planetarium is enhanced, of course, by the allegorical

sculptures of Sidney Waugh.



Editorís Note: Walter Kidney is the Architectural Historian for the

Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation. Cathy McCollom is the

Chief Programs Officer for the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation.