Francis Graham


Dept. of Physics

400 East 4th Street

East Liverpool OH 43920



July 8, 2005



Pittsburgh City Council

400 Ross Street

Pittsburgh PA 15222



Dear Sirs:


It is with great joy that I learn you are considering historical landmark status for the Buhl Planetarium Building on the north side of Pittsburgh.

This designation is long overdue.  The building is one of few in the nation which represent the great planetarium buildings which were erected in the prewar period with the great public acceptance of the German pre-war planetarium projectors and theaters. It is a classic and undeniable piece of Pittsburgh history, one of whose loss would greatly disturb people who remember it fondly.

Its loss would be more than just a bittersweet memory of days gone by—gone. It would be a tragedy to lose this building which may have many other uses, or, might be refurbished and restored to its original use. It is a substantial little building and its presence enlivens the north side.







Francis G. Graham

Assistant Professor