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2004 December 29


Mr. Michael D. Eversmeyer, Chairman

Historic Review Commission of Pittsburgh

Department of City Planning

City of Pittsburgh

200 Ross Street

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219-2010


Dear Mr. Eversmeyer:


Enclosed is an application for the nomination of The Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science to become a City Designated Historic Structure.


On behalf of Friends of the Zeiss, this nomination is being officially entered by Mr. Jon Wilson Smith, who lives in the Banksville section of the City of Pittsburgh (20th Ward). His address is 2533 Dalemount Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15216-2825. Mr. Smith is a lifelong resident of the City of Pittsburgh.


Friends of the Zeiss has chosen this time as the best time to proceed with this nomination. Although Mr. Glenn A. Walsh first proposed historic designation for Buhl Planetarium in early 1989, the unknown future status of the building, at that time, prevented the actual nomination of the structure. It was not until now, when the status of the building is clear and exterior renovations have been completed, that we believe such a nomination would be accepted by the building owner, the City of Pittsburgh.


As part of the application process, enclosed is a copy of the letter sent to Mr. Dale Perrett, Director of the City of Pittsburgh Department of General Services, officially informing the City (owner of The Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science) of this nomination. As a courtesy, we have also sent a letter to the current building tenant, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, informing them of the nomination as well. A copy of this letter is also enclosed.


Within a week’s time, the nomination application, in its entirety, will be posted on the Internet web site of Friends of the Zeiss, to allow public inspection. We will notify Ms. Angelique Bamberg, Pittsburgh Historic Preservation Planner, of the appropriate Internet link at that time.


Sincerely yours,




Jon Wilson Smith                                                                                                 Glenn A. Walsh

(Nominator)                                                                                                           Project Director                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (Application Preparer)



Copy:     Tom Murphy, Mayor, City of Pittsburgh

                Members of the Council of the City of Pittsburgh

                Tom Flaherty, City Controller, City of Pittsburgh