"George Reder"



City Historic Landmark, The Buhl Planetarium


Fri, 25 Mar 2005 13:33:41 -0600

To whom it may concern,
Ladies and Gentlemen, Honorable Citizens of Old
Allegheny City, and, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania........,
I was born at Woman's Hospital of George Joseph Reder
and Pearle Marie Kathern Spratt on 17 December 1932
Anno Domini. My name is George Edward Reder, II.
I currently live in San Antonio, Texas.  It was purely
by accident that I came upon this business while
searching for data in the interest of an individual
from Lubbock, Texas. That is purely coincidental.
That profound voice of the Director, Dr. Draper, as he
made announcements in the building and narrated the
star show in the planetarium. And in persona he was
most accommodating, helpful, and informative. His voice
and presence will forever live in my inner spirit
until I die [and through the after world(s)].
As a child, young boy, young man, growing up in the
environs of North Side, Pittsburgh, there are I am
quite sure more than half of the citizenry of today’s
Pittsburgh, who have no inclination whatsoever, of
the successful completion of a quest [into the future,
into the sun, into the moon, into the solar system,
into the stars, and beyond] that we were able to
experience............., just because Buhl was there.
And heaven forbid, not to forget all of the varied
different displays and shows were hosted there on too
many subjects to mention. Imagination is enough.
Heck, not the least was the expected Christmas
displays, featuring Pop Hayes [we lived with them for
a short while in the 30's. Up there on Mt. Washington]
and his train display of Pittsburgh.
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I do not know if I am a voice here or not.  If
not........, I should be.  As a young boy, traveling
the streets of lower North Side, shinning shoes,
selling mothers wax flowers, or hacking The Pittsburgh
Press [or Sun Telegraph, or Post Gazette], picking
junk, or running errands for the ladies of the night
on General Robinson or East Lacock streets. Buhl for
me as a poor boy from a poor family was not only a
haven from the circumstances of life dealt us by Ole
Lady Fate [and she must be old to treat folks so
badly/sadly], it was a continuous glowing spark, that
announced oh so loudly, "THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE OUT
THERE!" Something else!
It would be a crime of major proportion unto the whole
world [for folk from all over the whole world come to
Pittsburgh to visit, tour, and see, what make we
Alleghenians work?] if Buhl were not here as evidence............, of how such a thing can impress and empower peoples........,
to search on............, and do good things.........,
for their fellow man.
Please, please, please.............., "The Buhl
Planetarium" must go on. She must remain.  This is my
vote, as a citizen at large of North Side, Allegheny
County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I cast my vote, Buhl
shall be an "Historic Land Mark," and there to be
maintained, for all to honor.
Respectfully yours,
Army of the United States, Retained
Nike Nuclear Weapons Custodian
San Antonio