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Statement Before the Glenn A. Walsh

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Good morning. My name is Glenn A. Walsh; I reside at 633 Royce Avenue in Mount Lebanon.

The Cable-cast Post-Agenda meeting, on November 13, regarding the proposed Pittsburgh Children's Museum and Center, was one of the very few opportunities the general public has had to learn details regarding the proposed project. Although the Children's Museum claims to have sought input from North Side area organizations, the general public has never been invited to contribute to this planning process.

The planning for this project began with a "Design Charette" on January 24, 2000. This event was by invitation only; this meeting received no general publicity. Fortunately, a friend, who belongs to one of the invited organizations, tipped me off about this meeting about a week before it occurred. I immediately started making telephone calls, seeking admission to this meeting.

A couple days later, I did have a telephone conversation with Jane Werner, Children's Museum Executive Director. I asked her for permission to attend this Design Charette, reminding her that I had been active in trying to preserve the Buhl Planetarium, and find a new tenant for the building, for the previous five years.

My request was denied! As some of you may recall, I testified about this incident before City Council the next day. My January 25, 2000 statement is in the public record; I will provide a copy to the City Clerk for your information.

Since then, I have had only two opportunities to view details of the proposed alterations to the Buhl Planetarium building. The first time was during the display of the winning architectural design at Carnegie Museum in January of this year. The second time was with the receipt of minutes of the July 25 meeting of the City of Pittsburgh Art Commission, which includes attachments showing the proposed alterations. Actually, there are several significant changes, in the proposed building alterations, between the January and July architectural drawings. I have had no way of learning if further changes in the building plan have been instituted, since July.

I certainly understand that certain changes to the building may be required, particularly to incorporate the new "nightlight" building, which will connect the Buhl Planetarium and Allegheny Post Office buildings. However, there are a few changes that make no sense to me.

I will comment on some of these proposed alterations tomorrow. In the meantime, for your information, I will provide a copy of the July architectural drawings to the City Clerk.

Thank you.


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