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01/14/1992 FE kindl

Classes for children set

Preschool and school-age youngsters with an interest in science can learn more through a series of informal, hands-on classes starting next month at the Allegheny Square Annex of the Carnegie Science Center (formerly Buhl Science Center).

Beginning Feb. 8 and continuing for six consecutive Saturdays, preschoolers can explore computers in "Computer Kindergarten" or aerodynamics in "Here's Wind In Your Eye," a class that examines toys that work with wind.

First and second graders "Blast Off!" to explore rockets and space travel, or learn about the human body in "What Makes Me Tick?" Students in grades three through five can "Build Your Own Robot" or figure out the science behind magic tricks in "Don't Be Fooled!." Junior detectives can practice their art in "007," master the kid-friendly computer language "Logo," or investigate the forces of flight in "The Wright Stuff."

Six-week classes for older students include "Beginning Engineering" and "Archaeoastronomy," where they will unravel mysteries of the ancient world that had their origins in astronomy.

Three-week classes for first and second graders include "Microscopic Adventure," an exploration of the microworld of plants and animals. "KidSports,One" and "KidSports,Too," back-to-back three-week courses for third through fifth graders, explore the relationship between physics and athletics.

"All A-Buzz" is a one-day workshop about bees, designed for second and third graders; "Family Egg-citement" is a family workshop focusing on eggs. Other one-day classes include family workshops in robot building, kite making and sports.